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Brian Nicklaus Jewelry Greensburg

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Pittsburgh, Brian Nicklaus discovered his passion for crafting exquisite jewelry at the young age of 15, during his high school years. Under the guidance of his mentors, he honed his skills and embarked on a journey that would define his artistic career.

Brian's journey led him to a pivotal role at the esteemed jewelry manufacturer, David I. Helfer Inc., nestled in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh. This early exposure to the world of wholesale and retail jewelry laid the foundation for his remarkable expertise. A graduate of Duquesne University in 2002, Brian's thirst for knowledge remained unquenchable. He continued to refine his craft by collaborating with diverse jewelers across Pittsburgh, delving into specialized techniques such as pave and bead setting, traditional goldsmithing methods, laser welding, wax carving, and intricate castings, among an array of other skills.

In 2008, Brian's journey took him to Detroit, MI, where he assumed pivotal responsibilities in managing various retail locations for Ultra Diamonds. This experience provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted jewelry industry, enabling him to thrive even amidst the challenging economic landscape of Michigan. A testament to his unwavering dedication, Brian's next chapter unfolded in Bainbridge, GA, in 2010, where he excelled as the Shop Manager for Godwin Jewelers. During this period, he delved into the art of hand engraving and expanded his knowledge by studying CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Jewelry design at Gemvision in IL.

Returning to his hometown of Pittsburgh in the summer of 2011, Brian's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish his freelance jewelry business. His passion for innovation also materialized in the form of the Pawn and Jewelry Exchange in Greensburg, PA, a venture where he seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology into the creation of stunning engagement rings and high-end fashion jewelry. Within the walls of this establishment, Brian orchestrates a symphony of creativity, offering a range of services from custom designs to meticulous repairs, all executed with unparalleled craftsmanship.

Today, Brian Nicklaus stands as a testament to the profound fusion of artistic prowess, unwavering dedication, and continuous learning. His journey from a Pittsburgh-born jeweler to a distinguished entrepreneur is an inspiring narrative of resilience and creativity, echoing the timeless beauty he crafts in each and every piece of jewelry he creates.

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"I can’t recommend Brian and his team enough! He got my ring done by the next day and everyone was so helpful! I am absolutely elated and couldn’t be more happy with my choice to stop in!"


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